About Aldie Peddler

A little history about Aldie Peddler Outdoors, our furniture, and Wally & Terry:

Wally and Terry started Aldie Peddler next to our current location in September of 1998. We started out selling wood rocking chairs, a little bit of PolyLumber, and a variety of antiques. In the next few years, the PolyLumber furniture gained in popularity- and by 2003 was our number one seller! At that time, we purchased our current location and moved our business and expanded our PolyLumber furniture line to meet customer demand. Contrary to what other dealers may say, we are the original dealers of PolyLumber not only in Aldie, but in the whole Northern VA area! A local competitor saw our success and started selling a Poly product in 2006. To clarify the difference in our products, we would like to share with you that our furniture is all hand made by Old Order Amish on their family property in NW, PA. It is not massed produced in "factories" with electricity & power tools like what is made in the Lancaster, PA area. We have been to this area, seen their furniture, and have been approached in our store by their salesman. We made the decision not to sacrifice quality for lower prices. Our intention is to offer only the best quality product, at the best prices possible. We own our store and the property next to it, we are here to stay, and as long as you own your furniture, we will be here to stand behind it-100%!! Feel free to talk to the owners, Wally & Terry; we are always here to answer any questions you have!

We have been getting our furniture from the same Amish families for over 13 years. They make it all by hand without electricity and they are excellent craftsman. The furniture is available in all colors, white, green, weather wood, cedar, barn red, gray, brown, black, Tropical, and two-tone colors. Our product is the best there is, and it will last a lifetime. Polylumber is much stronger and more durable then it's lesser competition; (other cheaper products being mass produced). It is environmentally friendly, made of top grade, recycled post-consumer plastic, is extremely comfortable & durable, and we guarantee it for life against defects in material and workmanship. We have been selling Polylumber for 11 years, and have thousands of happy customers, (a testament to its quality!). Customer satisfaction is our number one goal!

Since we are a country store, we do things the old fashion way. Please call us at (703) 327-6743 for more information, questions, or to place your order. We would love to talk to you!